Atlanta Home Additions and Remodeling

A home is much more than just a simple box where we keep all our ‘stuff.’ It’s a safe-haven from the endless tumult of the world in which we live; it’s where we go to feel at ease, to recharge; a home is a place where we can take comfort in the simpler things like being with those we care about . . . our families and friends. But as time goes on and our lives gradually change, sometimes we find that the ‘space’ we began with isn’t quite enough anymore to meet today’s needs. That’s when it might be time to make some additions.

Perhaps you’re expecting another child and need extra space to allow them to grow? Maybe you’ve switched careers and are now craving an at-home office designed and built per your specifications to help make you as productive as possible? It might be that you’ve always dreamed of enjoying your very own entertainment room complete with a movie screen and the latest in audio technology?

Then again, it could come down to your home feeling too much like a ‘house,’ lacking in the amenities that you’ve always dreamed about, and now you’re finally ready to make a change for the better. No matter the reason, call Metro Restorations, Inc. for the best home addition results in Atlanta.

At Metro Restorations, Inc. delivering quality home additions for our clients is a delicate balancing act where skilled craftsmanship meets with exact science . . . and that just happens to be our specialty. No matter what kind of addition(s) you’re interested in – bedrooms, bathrooms, office spaces, second/third floors, an attached garage, patio enclosures – Metro Restorations, Inc. is committed to adding functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that will increase the overall value of your home while providing an added source of ‘breathing room’ for everyone under the roof.

You’ve put a lot of your hard-earned money and time into your home. Get out of the mind-set of believing that you’ve got to move in order to have what you’ve always wanted. At Metro Restorations, Inc., our design experts will work with you to put an end to your current lack of space and renew the beauty of your home with the additions of your choice. Call us today!

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